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Essential Needs For Home Quarantine

The increase in COVID-19 outbreak cases in the country is becoming more alarming so that it has reached thousands of cases in a day. You need to be better prepared for any eventuality that may occur in the future, including yourself who may have to undergo quarantine at home.  You need to understand and know how to self-monitor and quarantine at home if you are confirmed positive or close contact to prevent infection and transmission of the epidemic to others. Do not be selfish.  In this article, we share some of the essential items that you may need no matter where you are quarantining like

Natural Disaster Have Impacted Victims and Country

Flood disasters are among the natural phenomena that often lead to tragedy and usually occur in unforeseen circumstances. The impact of this flood disaster is huge on the victims who suffer from it because it not only involves damage and destruction of property, but it also involves loss of life. As this disaster phenomenon often occurs every year, comprehensive management must be planned by the parties involved to overcome the post -flood problems because it has a psychological and mental impact on flood victims. Some Of The Natural Disaster Impacts On Victims  There are lots of the psychological symptoms experienced by disaster victims starting with

Choosing the Right Home for You

The process of buying a house includes a lot of steps and requirements that you have to go through and fulfill. Not to mention the expensive house prices, of course you don’t want to make the wrong purchase and lose money, or not be able to pay the installments in the middle of the process. You like a certain house like in Pulau Indah (Pulau Lumut).  Feeling nervous and a bit confused when it comes to buying a house? Don’t worry, it’s normal. Buying a house is a big and heavy thing, especially if this experience is your first. To guide you, we’ve put together

Various Tips for Storing Food In The Refrigerator To Make It More Durable and Long Lasting

Chicken, Meat and Fish Chicken, meat and fish products are very important to keep in the refrigerator for Kitchen storage ideas. This is useful for preventing the spread of bacteria. The best way to store these foodstuffs is to store them directly in containers from the supermarket. Avoid opening and re-wrapping the meat as this can expose the meat to bacteria. However, if you bought your meat from the market or a greengrocer, you can store it in plastic wrap and then re-wrap it in aluminum foil to prevent leakage. Dairy Products Dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, and cream are indeed known as foodstuffs with short shelf life. Therefore, the storage method

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