Pregnancy Care for Mommies

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During pregnancy, your body changes in so many ways and sometimes it changes rapidly because of the growth of the baby. Being a pregnant woman also makes you deal with hormone changes which means you may have sudden emotional and physical changes.

nipple care cream malaysia

There are so many pregnancy cares that you can apply in your daily routine that helps you to cope with the changes that you are facing.

You might think that pregnancy care will only start after you get pregnant. That is a wrong mindset of our society that we need to change. If you plan to get pregnant, make sure you have a healthy lifestyle to ease your pregnancy journey.

Prenatal vitamins should be taken before you get pregnant but don’t worry, if you haven’t consumed any prenatal vitamins before pregnancy it can be consumed during early pregnancy. These vitamins are beneficial for the babies as it supplies extra nutrients for the baby.

·       Folic acid is the most important thing for the healthy growth of your baby. It develops the baby’s brain and spinal cord correctly.

·       Iron supplies oxygen to your baby through blood and it helps to prevent premature birth.

·       Calcium protects the mommy’s bones. As the baby gets bigger, it increases the weight the mother will have to carry. It also helps to develop bones and teeth for the baby.

Add knowledge about the perfect diet for pregnant moms.

 Eat more fish but make sure to know which type of fish that you should avoid. Fish that contain high mercury levels such as shark, swordfish and orange roughy will harm the baby, so avoid eating that. It is recommended to eat salmon, tilapia, trout and sardines as it contains high omega-3 fatty acids and low in mercury.

Fruits are also good for the development of a baby but fruits like papaya, pineapple and grapes are not really suggested to avoid any complications. Don’t get me wrong. Papaya is rich in vitamins but unripe papaya contains latex that can induce premature birth. Certain enzymes in pineapple also could alter the texture of the cervix which also might cause miscarriage if consumed during early pregnancy.

Moving one, changing daily chores will also give a big impact to the mommy and baby. Avoid touching and getting near to toxic chemicals. It might harm your baby. Changing kitty litter and toxic chemicals from detergents or cleaning substances should be avoided if possible.

Read more about before and after pregnancy. Go to childbirth class to help you with the labour process. What helps you to give birth easier, what to do during delivery, etc. Other than that, gain information about postpartum depression. It affects your mood and emotion during pregnancy and after giving birth. This thing is real and it might affect your life in the long-term. You can also figure out this issue with your friends or neighbours by sharing your experience and knowledge.

Last but not least, always pamper yourself and take care of your physical condition. You might think it is nothing serious but it actually will affect you later. Go to the spa but make sure it follows your pregnancy needs and buy lotions and ointment for self-care. You can get the best nipple care cream in Malaysia from pharmacies or any stores. It can also be used to help reduce stretch marks itchiness.

Love yourself to show love for your baby!

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