Why study Interactive Media Design

Because it is a profession in increasing demand as a result of the continuous expansion of the software industry and interactive digital content. To date, this market represents at least 7% of world GDP and in Malaysia alone, more than 90% of households, and 70% of companies consume this type of product.

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Currently, companies need professionals capable of facing the profound economic, social, and cultural changes that are brewing worldwide and that deeply affect their businesses. In this context, the Interactive Media Design professional enjoys high national and international employability. Proof of this is that 30% of the graduates work in prestigious companies abroad and 40% of them in recent years have carried out an international internship.

In contrast, given the comprehensive training with an emphasis on the development of entrepreneurship that distinguishes Widad University, these market opportunities also translate into tangible possibilities for entrepreneurship. More than 18% of the graduates of the interactive media program are entrepreneurs who actively contribute to the development of the region and the country.

Program objective

The purpose of the Interactive Media Design program is to train professional designers, with capacities to discover, define, develop and deliver innovative interactive systems and quality digital content that benefit society and the productive sector.

To study Interactive Media Design applicants must have strengths in quantitative reasoning, creative, analytical, and reflective ability. As well as interest in artistic expressions (drawing, music, animation or photography), video games, digital applications, software and computer technologies in general.

The Interactive Media Designer is a professional prepared to face the interaction and communication challenges posed by the digital context to society and the productive sector. Able to research, conceptualize, design, develop and commercialize interactive systems and digital content for various platforms.

In the organizational context, he is able to lead multidisciplinary teams, work effectively with others, critically understand the world around him, and clearly communicate his ideas. His critical and ethical attitude distinguishes his actions, benefiting the construction of social, political, and environmental well-being.

Fields of Action

The work spectrum of Interactive Media Designers is very broad due to the fact that they work productively in the software, communication, advertising, education, and entertainment industries.

The world economy and consumption patterns take new directions in tandem with technological development, which creates the opportunity for Interactive Media Design professionals to develop into strategic roles such as interaction designer, user experience researcher, media designer. interfaces, Front-End developer (understood as the process of programming the components of a web or mobile system that is responsible for interactivity with users), information architect, digital project manager, among other highly demanded profiles in the industry National and international.

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