Environment at Work vs. Environment at Home

Are you a cubicle worker? What about an open office layout? There is office for rent near Bangsar.

You don’t have a choice about your workplace environment or office environment if you work in an office. You might be working with a noisy coworker or sitting near the air conditioner, both of which might reduce your productivity. Everyone can set up their ideal home office or workstation while they work from home.

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You can choose between a standing and a sitting desk, as well as your office furniture. Working from home gives you the opportunity to figure out what your ideal work environment is.

Financial Outlay

When it comes to finances, the contrasts between working from home and working in an office can be observed – and we’re not talking of how much money you make.

When you work in an office, you are responsible for commute costs such as public transportation, petrol, and maintenance. You may have to pay to park if you’re driving. During the day, you’re probably going to get a cup of coffee or buy lunch. All of these costs accumulate.

There are numerous financial advantages to working from home. You won’t be tempted to go out after work to spend money on office parties and eating out because you won’t have to worry about sitting in traffic or commuting expenses.

Productivity Wise 

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According to a UC Irvine research, an average office worker is disturbed every 11 minutes. If it wasn’t horrible enough, getting back on track takes 25 minutes. Yikes.

Employee productivity will suffer as a result of this. Working remotely does not lend itself to casual conversations with coworkers. Remote workers, of course, can boost productivity significantly. According to a Stanford research, call center employees who worked from home were able to increase their productivity by 13%. Remote workers work longer hours than their office-bound peers, according to study.

Working at home vs. working in an office has been proven to enhance productivity, according to studies.


Many businesses have had to make the transition to remote employment for the first time. Because they’ve never had to oversee a remote staff before, managers are likely to be anxious.

Managers have a clear picture of what their team members are focusing on when they work from an office. They can ask questions, have regular check-ins, and whiteboard meetings to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

When it comes to working remotely, however, this is not the case.

This is why getting the appropriate tools is so important for success in remote work. To complete large projects, we need a combination of outstanding leadership and sophisticated tools like Asana.

As a manager, you may feel compelled to micromanage workers who work from home.

Working from home vs. working remotely will always have differences.

These distinctions are referred to as advantages against disadvantages by some; we refer to them as opportunities. Nextiva’s team works remotely, and our cloud phone system has helped us achieve even greater productivity gains as we make the transition from the office to working from home.

Many businesses will soon learn that employing remote labor is a wise and strategic decision. Employers (and employees) must be deliberate in their business communication in order to get the full benefits.

Here is some working from home advice for team members, whether you’re working from home for a short time or wish to make the leap to becoming remote-first.

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