What You Must Not Do When Applying For A Job In Malaysia

Applying For A Job In Malaysia?

Are you drafting your cover letter and resume right now? Are you looking for a job in Malaysia? Well, you are lucky to end up there as more and more foreigners end up in this country. They find this place the answer to their dream. Maybe you also think that way and this is why you are doing the first step, and that is to look for a job.

However, please hold your resume first and check these things below that you must not wen applying for a job. Your resume and cover letter might be part of the concerns. Check this out:

1) Not learning about the company

When planning to be part of a certain company, you have to learn more about it first. Yes, even if it is not required in the application process, this might be asked during the interview. Besides, learning about the company will enable you to make your cover letter more effectively. You can fill in how you can give your contribution once hired.

2) Empty mails

As everything is now available online, there is a good chance that a company will also accept applicants in this environment. When doing so, you have to make sure that you do it the right way. Like for example when sending your cover letter and resume as attachments, you also need to write at least a line so that the mail will not be empty. It can be an appreciation line for giving you the chance to apply to their company.

3) Focusing on talked about jobs

Yes, this is not entirely wrong. But you must also consider the fact that there are more job vacancies you can check. If you are really desperate in getting a job, you can also check them out as who knows, you will find a goldmine there! Yes, you might find an opportunity that is just what you actually need with good pay!

4) Annoying the hiring manager

Don’t try to annoy the hiring manager as you will be the one at loss here. Note that he is assigned to pick the right person for the job. He needs to check thousand of resumes and job applications. You can’t expect him to attend to your application in just a short time. As a matter of fact, you can give him up to 5 weeks and if he won’t contact you, that means you are rejected. You can then apply for other jobs while waiting for his response. Annoying him might make him ignore your application even if you are qualified and you have no one to blame but yourself.

5) Posting a weird picture

Sending a picture along with your resume is actually advisable. However, if it is not required, you have the option not to do so. But if you still want to, you have to make sure it is a decent one. Don’t post a picture with weird face and weird position. You will surely be rejected right away even if your resume and cover letter is impressive. They will look at you as someone unprofessional.

6) Focusing more on the duties

Of course, it is not wrong to tell as well what you have done before. However, this should not dominate your resume or cover letter. Instead, you can offer proofs of your accomplishments that are recognized like some certificates, bonus cheques because of what you have done and so on. This is more appreciated and recognized by the hiring manager as it shows your talents or skills.

7) Eye-soar fonts

Yes, you want your cover letter to look impressive and aesthetically appealing. However, the contents are more important, and the hiring manager has only a few seconds to check them. This is why you should skip away from eye-soar fonts that will give the reader a hard time understanding your contents. Just settle for something that is readable at one glance.

8) Sending your application using a smartphone

This is never a good idea. aside from the fact that the format might evolve, there is also that chance that your resume will appear with a tagline that it is sent from a smartphone. It would look like you are really interested in getting the job, like you are forced to do it.

So, before sending your resume and cover letter, be sure to check out these possible mistakes so you can get away from them. Your chance of applying for a particular company is only once and you have to wait for a certain period of time again. Thus, take advantage of that chance and do your best to impress the hiring manager.

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