Essential Needs For Home Quarantine

The increase in COVID-19 outbreak cases in the country is becoming more alarming so that it has reached thousands of cases in a day. You need to be better prepared for any eventuality that may occur in the future, including yourself who may have to undergo quarantine at home. 

You need to understand and know how to self-monitor and quarantine at home if you are confirmed positive or close contact to prevent infection and transmission of the epidemic to others. Do not be selfish. 

In this article, we share some of the essential items that you may need no matter where you are quarantining like in SS2

List Of Items Needed To Undergo Quarantine At Home

For those of you who need to undergo quarantine at home, make sure you have these basic requirements to make it easier for you to check your current health level. Buy some of these stuff from Shopee or Lazada.

1. Thermometer

In the past, this thermometer was usually used to monitor the body temperature of small children who had a high fever, but at the time of this pandemic, it has become like a mandatory requirement that must be present at home.

It is useful to monitor your body temperature regularly especially if you have already tested positive for COVID-19 and are undergoing quarantine at home. Remember, the temperature should be taken on the forehead and not the palms, soles of the feet and so on, yes! You can buy a thermometer approved by the Medical Device Authority. Otherwise, the reading may be inaccurate. 

2. Oximeter

Lack of oxygen in the body is usually easily seen with symptoms such as shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. However, the opposite happened for COVID-19 patients who did not show any symptoms of difficulty breathing and even looked normal, cheerful and calm.

This is essential as an oximeter can detect breathing difficulty easily. This is because early detection of these symptoms can reduce complications in turn preventing death in COVID-19 patients especially those undergoing home quarantine.

. If you need to undergo quarantine at home, always monitor the oxygen in the body and if less than 95% inform the health and immediately to the hospital according to the instructions given. You are in danger if it goes below that percentage. 

3. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

You must have the following personal protective equipment:

Gloves and face masks or disposable face masks. These gloves and face masks are not only important when out of the house, but when handling the sanitation process around the house. If you have a stock of these necessities at home, this will make it easier for your maid or caregiver to handle the sanitation process of all your waste and clothes safely. 

Remember, even if you are at home if you have a caregiver who is not infected with COVID-19, this face mask or face mask must be worn if you are in the same room or when interacting face to face if necessary.

4. Portable Nebulizer

For those who already have breathing problems such as asthma or a whooping cough, this is definitely very useful for relieving your breathing. Remember, for those who have already tested positive for COVID-19, never share the same nebulizer with those who are not infected in your home. Make sure there is no sharing of other personal items such as towels, toothbrushes and so on. 

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