Natural Disaster Have Impacted Victims and Country

Flood disasters are among the natural phenomena that often lead to tragedy and usually occur in unforeseen circumstances. The impact of this flood disaster is huge on the victims who suffer from it because it not only involves damage and destruction of property, but it also involves loss of life.

As this disaster phenomenon often occurs every year, comprehensive management must be planned by the parties involved to overcome the post -flood problems because it has a psychological and mental impact on flood victims.

Some Of The Natural Disaster Impacts On Victims 

There are lots of the psychological symptoms experienced by disaster victims starting with sadness, fear, anxiety, worry, uneasy feelings, somatic, physical, emotional instability, trauma, dreams, unwillingness to communicate as stated by Ehrenreich, 2001. The symptoms experienced by adults are different from the symptoms experienced by children. Lost items and important documents also have some impacts on the victims. 

The occurrence of natural disasters that occur in Southeast Asean countries like Malaysia and Indonesia recently is so bad, although not as often as in other countries, still worries us because the negative effects are very bad. There are several negative effects of natural disasters in our country. Everything new to be repaired like floating hose repair in Malaysia.

More Impacts Of Natural Occurrences 

    Among some of the impacts on natural occurrences, bringing losses to the country. Natural disasters such as floods will destroy the development that the government has done. Property damage also causes individuals to incur huge losses. To redevelop destroyed buildings or settlements, the government has to incur high costs.

Overall Health is At Risk 

    Then, natural disasters also affect the health of victims. This is because, when natural disasters occur such as prolonged floods, the supply of clean water will be reduced. This lack of clean water makes flood victims vulnerable to various diseases such as cholera, chickenpox, and cholera. The phenomenon of drought can also cause a person to suffer from skin diseases or fever.

Affect The Destruction Of Flora And Fauna

Moreover, natural disasters also affect the destruction of flora and fauna. Natural disasters such as forest fires will affect the ecosystem of flora and fauna that are national treasures. The destruction of the trees will take a long time to fertilize and come back to life. The extinction of flora and fauna will be to the detriment of future generations because they do not have the opportunity to see the beauty of flora and fauna today.

Pollute the Environment

 In turn, natural disasters can also pollute the environment. When the flood phenomenon occurs, sewage waste and toxic objects as well as animal carcasses will float along the water flow. This will lead to water pollution that will affect the lives of individuals. Odor pollution will also make flood victims feel uncomfortable.

The Source of Food Supply

    Subsequent effects, natural disasters can affect the source of food supply. This is because, when a natural disaster occurs, the source of raw supply cannot be sent to the disaster area due to difficulties such as a damaged communication system and so on. As a result, the existing food supply will be declining day by day. This situation will cause the flood victims to be in a state of starvation.

In Conclusion

In a nutshell, natural disasters do bring various negative effects to the victims. Therefore, all parties must go down to the field and extend assistance to alleviate the burden of victims of natural disasters.

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